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Automotive Detailing at Columbus auto Group West

Interior and Exterior Cleaning

Columbus Auto Group West is the best choice for quality, full automotive detailing. Our detailing staff are highly skilled and experienced with the chemicals, polishes, and waxes required to restore your car or truck to its original state.

We offer:


  • Carpet and upholstry shampoo
  • Vinyl and leather restoration
  • Treatment of exterior trim and plastics
  • polishing of alll chrome bumpers, trim, and wheels
  • restoration of headlights
  • removal of minor rust
  • Engine cleaning
  • All of the above for only $100.00


Come visit us at our shop at 2035 Sullivant Ave, call us at 614-272-2035, or complete our contact form to request an appointment or estimate today!

We Use Nanowax!

We recommend and use Nanowax to bring the exterior of your car or truck to its maximum possible shine. Nanowax is Eagle One’s only recommended wax and is used for car shows across the world. The microscopic carnuba wax particles in Nanowax are able to fill and hide scratches other waxes are unable to as well as create a showroom-quality shine other waxes can’t.

Learn more about Nanowax here:

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