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Waxing A Car the Right Way

The right way to wax or polish your car.

Use a rubbing compound before waxing or polishing your car.

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A lot of people think waxing/polishing a car is as simple as rubbing on some turtle wax and then buffing it off, but if you really want to get the best possible finish, here are some helpful suggestions:

1. Before you apply the wax or polish you plan on using, first apply a quality buffing compound or swirl mark and scratch removal compound such as NuFinish Scratch Doctor. This will not only clean and smooth out the clearcoat and prepare it to better receive the polish, it will also remove and hide most small scratches and swirl marks and other imperfections so that when you buff out the wax the finish will be smoother and have more of a reflective quality.

2. After you wax the car, apply a wax sealer such as Chemical Guys Wax Sealer. Not only will this help seal the wax, it will also enhance the shine even more and help prevent dust from sticking to the car afterwards.

Next time you wax your car or truck, give the above a try and tell us how it came out!


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